Next Time, On The Walking Dead Video Game...

Episode two of The Walking Dead hit Xbox Live yesterday, with the PlayStation 3, PC and Mac versions shambling along tomorrow. I can honestly say I've not been this excited for a Telltale Games release since they brought Sam and Max back from the dead.

Episode two, "Starved for Help" continues the story of fugitive (whatever that means now) Lee Everett and his particular rag-tag band of survivors as they struggle to make sense of the post-zombie apocalypse world, promising an even more intense experience than the first.

And that's saying a lot. Episode one delivered a level of tension and drama beyond anything seen in the television series. It captured the tone of the comic book perfectly, introducing a cast of new characters that one could easily imagine woefully wandering through the pages of Robert Kirkman's epic survival tale, with major decisions affecting future events in a way that begs for multiple play-throughs.

The only downside is that once I finish the second $US4.99 episode there's another agonising wait on the other side.


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