Nintendo... Don't Break My Heart Again!

Pretty sure I'm in an abusive relationship with Nintendo. Every time it announces some sort of conference I get excited, and it disappoints. I don't think we need to revisit exactly why their E3 conference was disappointing, but they had a pre-E3 conference, then a post E3 conference 3DS conference. Now today, at 2pm AEST there's another 'thing' — something Nintendo is calling the 'next edition' of Nintendo Direct, a presentation that is "set to contain new info, trailers and other news about the latest games".

From the wording, I'm assuming this is going to be a semi-regular thing, but you never know. Still, you can watch the live feed of Nintendo Direct here, starting at 2pm, and we'll be covering any interesting stuff revealed in the feed.


    I suspect this will be in reaction to the bashing they've recieved over their E3 stuff... this may be more suited to our demographic.

    Also... you think your in an abusive relationship with Nintendo, try being a Microsoft fan.

    How about they just announce Majoras Mask for 3DS and stop toying with us?

      Miyamoto said theyre basically deciding between Majora's Mask and Link to the Past remake. Either would be great, but that also shows that development hasn't even begun. That and they said the next 3DS Zelda would be an original title.

        I just don't understand why they dont let Grezzo go ahead and do Majoras Mask while the Nintendo side works on an original Zelda game, surely the Majoras Mask remake will take less time, and will give Nintendo more time to make a good original Zelda game.

        Do it Nintendo!

        Majora's Mask for 3DS seems like a no-brainer though. They've got the engine already ported and most of the assets are ready as well, since there's so much shared with Ocarina.

          Maybe they are saving it for when 3DS sales start to dip below a certain amount?

          It's because they don't want to do two remakes in a row. Hence why they're doing an original 3DS Zelda game before tackling Majora's Mask

          To be honest, I see their point.

          Screw that. LTTP > Majora's Mask.
          (I may be too nostalgic and biased however)
          Imagine. New (tm) Legend of Zela: A link to the Past (tm)
          Sexy graphics. A few secret new dungeons and a new quest... Maybe For the Wii U AND 3ds.
          = Sales through the roof (I will buy them all)

    I don't understand... Why not save up all the goodies and announce them all in one go at E3?

      Sometimes other press conferences fail and you don't need to announce things to be noticed. Around E3 time, games get announced and overlooked, Nintendo hates this and try to announce things in a less saturated time, but still whilst E3 hype is alive/dying down.
      A few years ago Bungie was set to announce something (I think it was Reach) but Wii Music failed and Sony had a luckluster conference, so Microsoft told Bungie not to announce their title and to save it. It's not an uncommon situation, but it drives those of us who know something was there crazy.

      Also, Nintendo's been in this game for years, pun intended, and they know that although it's good to annouce at E3, they know if you annouce out of the blue, it can be much more effective

      Because they can be lost in the shuffle and buried under the weight of all the other games being announced.

    I wanna see HD Gamecube and Wii games on the Virtual Console!

      They have build their business on re-releasing the same games over and over. Of course there will be HD releases of ALL the old games. The won't be on VC, it will be full retail releases with tacked on gamepad controllers.

        I don't mind. I'm just hoping that in the wake of an Ocarina remake and upcoming Majoras Mask remake, they'll do HD remakes of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I'm imaging WW with increased draw distance and TP with up-rezzd textures. Plus the new Gamepad works perfectly with Zelda games, in my mind.

    My interest in Nintendo went up from that conference, they were originally at 0 but they gained 1 point for the banana stare.

    Also I thought all the console makers had us in an abusive relationship.

    Not getting my hopes up.

    Personally, I'd rather see Majora's Mask get the overhaul/remake treatment on Wii U. A game like that deserves to look and sound as stunning as possible.

      Not to say that there was anything particularly wrong with OoT3D, but that cocktease of a post-credits song showed just how much better it could have been if they reworked all the sound.

      Also, that fake trailer for MMHD that was doing the rounds for E3 did get me hypersalivating.

    I got the email about this last night from Nintendo. My first thought was damage control.

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