Nintendo Isn't Making A New 3DS -- It's Making A New Handheld Generation

Remember all those rumours about a 3DS redesign? According to Nintendo, the company isn't concentrating on a tweaked 3DS. Instead, it's working on what will probably be a totally new handheld.

Earlier this month, respected Japanese newspaper the Nikkei ran a story, which stated that Nintendo was going to reveal a new 3DS at E3. It was supposed to have a 4.3-inch screen, and there was speculation that the portable would have a second thumbstick.

Nintendo called the report "speculation" and incorrect, and Nintendo did not reveal a new 3DS at the E3 gaming expo.

When IGN asked Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto about the Nikkei report, the game creator replied, "I really feel like I'm satisfied with the 3DS hardware as it is. I feel like it's the best for this generation."

Continuing, Miyamoto added, "What we're thinking about right now is probably going to be for a future generation of handheld."

While Miyamoto stressed that more can be done with the 3DS hardware, don't get your hopes up for a revised 3DS anytime soon. And the next generation of portable hardware is years away...

Nintendo Working on Future Handheld Generation [IGN]


    I bet we’ll be seeing the 3DS Pro next year which is bigger and has the extra circle pad and shoulder buttons.

    I just hope that Rare do Donkey Kong 64 3D...what do you mean "Slightly off topic"?

      This is the only game I want, MAKE IT NINTENDO!!!

      wont ever happen. Rare made DK 64 and they are owned by Microsoft now. It's a licencing nightmare so they will be staying far away from it. As much as I also personally wish it would happen :/

        I reckon Nintendo would own the original code - they could just get some team to give it a polish, only problem with DK64 is it's ridiculously large size - I've got it on the N64 and I've barely cracked the surface (the multiplayer is awesome also)

    I sold my 3DS when the Vita released as I wanted to wait for the redesign.

    Maybe I should have kept it as going off of that it really doesn't sound like they will do it.

    Also, I love my Vita.

    Has nintendo ever NOT released a reworked version of a handheld? But why would they say it in advance, it'll just hurt sales.

    they are giving up on the 3ds already?! lolz

      "Miyamoto stressed that more can be done with the 3DS hardware"

    Look, just give me a SNES pad with a built-in screen and i'm good....

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