Nintendo Isn't Scared Of Apple's Rumoured TV

Nintendo isn't worried about Apple wresting dominance in the battle for your living room. Even if the iPhone maker could announce its long-rumoured television at some point this year, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata says he isn't worried about Apple's new device taking attention away from the Wii U.

In response to a question during an investors Q&A last week in Los Angeles, Iwata said he doesn't think people will flock in droves to an Apple TV.

"We see in the mobile phone market that typically there is a cycle of people replacing their phones roughly every couple of years so a new device like a smartphone penetrates the market quickly," he said. "But when it comes to the television market, the cycle for television replacement is actually much longer; say a five-year cycle at the shortest, to a seven or even 10-year cycle at the longest. So, however fantastic the new television is to be launched, it's not as likely that people will immediately move to upgrade a television necessarily because of that longer cycle."

2012 E3 Analyst Q & A Session - June 6, 2012 [Nintendo via NeoGAF]

Photo: Junji Kurokawa/AP


    It would be so like Apple to release a TV that no other 3 party units could be plugged into without some bullshit adapter.

    I think he's spot on there... that's the same issue I've had with this idea of an "Apple TV" or any other TV with built-in gaming hardware. I tend to upgrade my console a hell of a lot more often than I upgrade my TV. I bought my current LCD back when I was still playing on PS2, I've kept it all the way through the current generation and have no plans to replace it any time unless it dies. Which means I'll probably be using it for most/all of the NEXT generation, too. If the gaming hardware was built into the TV I'd still be playing PS2 games.

      Yeah, and I've heard the PS2 stands for Playstation 2. Playstation was created by Sony. Sony sorta reminds me of Sanyo and I had a teacher called Ms Sanyo. I stepped on her pet spider and she yelled at her.

      Conclusion: I eat spatula.

        PS/2 may also stand for Personal System/2 and was the predecessor to USB plugs on keyboards and mice. It also has nothing to do with spatula spiders.

    That's the first I've heard of an Apple TV other than the little Apple TV box thing that already exists. And that link to Gizmodo says it's confirmed - I feel like I'm living in bizarro land.

      Well, I think it might just be like android is built into the newer samsung tv screens etc, it might not be a full pc like interface.

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