Nintendo Proves There's Nothing As Bananas As Holding...Bananas

Today, Nintendo created an internet meme. No, scratch that. Nintendo created several. My favorite? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata...holding bananas.

At the Nintendo's press conference, a prerecorded clip showed the Nintendo holding...bananas in an effort to drop Donkey Kong hints.

The internet, of course, was delighted, and happily produced meme photos and GIFs to appeal to everyone's sense of humour.

Below is a selection from popular forum NeoGAF.

Iwata holding bananas (conference highlight) [NeoGAF]


    Oooooh we are going to have some fun with these.

    Is it just my browser or is Kotaku playing around with the image code again? Most images these days are just the Kotaku placeholder image.

      Not just you.. Looks like they are indeed playing with it.

    I know it seems hard, but all you gotta do is

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