Nintendo Says More 3DS Models Would 'Perplex' Gamers

Right now, there's one type of 3DS handheld you can buy. Soon, a larger 3DS, called the 3DS XL, will be released. So you'll have two options. What about a third option? You know, with the add-on extra circle pad already on board?

At a Nintendo meeting today, honcho Satoru Iwata (above, blowing crap up) replied that if there were too many 3DS models, consumers would be become "perplexed" (or even, "bewildered") by all the choices, and thus, they could get lost in deciding which 3DS to get.

Nintendo, I'll make it simple: Release a 3DS with an extra circle pad on board, and we'll all buy that. See? Simple! Phew.

Continuing, Iwata added that the new model, the 3DS XL, was created to fulfil "the need" for a larger screen.

"The need" for an extra circle pad will be handled by the release of a Circle Pad Pro for the XL, which is a larger version of the Circle Pad Pro for the current 3DS and which is totally not confusing.

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    I think the new XL looks boss.

    It dissapoints me no end the new model doesn't have a second stick built in but as we all know, lack of support, fragmented user base blah blah. I still don't have to like it!

    Also I still love that picture. Awesome.

    Hell - if they had too many models, people might even get confused into buying one.


    All it really would be is that Nintendo would have already spent alot of money outfitting their production plants and don't want too throw a spanner in the works.

    Don't worry, we're already perplexed by the lack of the extra circle pad. It can't possibly get worse.

    "Nintendo, I’ll make it simple: Release a 3DS with an extra circle pad on board, and we’ll all buy that. See? Simple! Phew."

    Lol. Nintendo are such a**holes for releasing this new 3DS without a second circle pad.

    Haven't needed a stick yet. I don't want shooters on my 3ds either. Its really not a big deal.

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