Nintendo's 3DS XL Is Even More XL Than You Think

Check out this video, released by Nintendo today to show off just how big the 3DS XL's XL screen actually is. If you'll let me get scientific for a minute: this thing is really friggin' big.


    What the hell. Nintendo are really starting to let all this success recently to there head. Who the hell would buy a handheld device the size of a brick. Bloody hell

      You called?

      I have giant hands and the normal one is just a bit too tiny

        i dont have giant hands and the normal one is too small for me. so the XL will be good.

      I would.

      I recommend you take under consideration that not everyone on the planet is you.

      I would if I had the disposable cash.

      i dont know but im lookin forward to the xl my giant manly hands have trouble hold the 3ds

      yep, i would. just like the others, the regular 3ds is a bit too small for me and my manhands. plus, the 3D effect on such a small screen, if anything, seemed to diminish the intended scale the game worlds set to re-create. i'm keen to see what things look like big.

      Try me?? I love my DSi XL and this is a bit bigger and I am really looking forward too it for my lounge gaming!

    Nintendo also said that it doesn't come with an ac adptor .

      In Japan and Europe. Everywhere else includes one.

    To be honest. I need that XL screen to play my heroes of ruin. Bloody screen so small can't even see mobs.

    Really love the two-tone colour scheme. Will be getting one in blue-black.

    No 2nd circle pad? Oh shit Nintendo what the fuck are you doing

      stop whining!

        Heaps aye.... wish monster hunter never came out, noone would even care.

          Whining? It's. Serious design flaw that they have even recognised as a problem (hence releasing the circle pad pro) -- gl playing Resident Evil, MGS3, MH, Kid Icarus left handed without it

    Isn't anyone else freaked out by the unnatural way the 3DS XL is spinning?!?

    They're just trying to compensate for something

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