Nintendo's President Gives Minimum Wii U Price

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this year's E3 was the lack of concrete information from Nintendo regarding the Wii U's release date and price. Still, it looks like we've got something out of the week, as Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Bloomberg that the console will "likely be priced at more than ¥20,000".

For reference, ¥20,000 converts to roughly $US250. That's a pretty poor reference at the moment though, given the crummy exchange rate right now. A more realistic comparison would be the current trend of a direct yen-to-dollar one, making the price around $US200.

So, a minimum of $US200. That's... well, did anyone honestly expect it to cost less than $US200? This is a brand new console, people, one that only a few days ago Japan's biggest and most respected newspaper said would cost ¥30,000.

Which, given the tech, seems pretty damn likely.

But hey, if you're running a Wii U price sweepstakes, you now know where to set the minimum.

Nintendo Falls Amid Questions Whether New Console Can Repeat Wii's Success [Bloomberg]


    How was Nintendo not announcing the price the biggest surprise? They stated weeks ago that they wouldn't be talking pricing at all.

    The worlds currencies are unusually volatile right now. I'm sure they have a break even figure in mind, but can't announce prices because they'll have to be adjusted for the exchange rate.

    I'd be happy for it to be $400AU with Nintendoland and a Wii Remote + included in the pack.

      Get a US console, the Eshop will suck here.

      Are you still living in the 90's ? AUD is on par (or close to) with USD.

    This is a poor place to put your minimum. Sure as hell some moron is going to read this article and think, "$200! I can afford that!" and then when the console comes out and it's $450, the aforesaid moron is going to be annoyingly vocal about their rage.

    Also, now that the number is in our head, it might be a little difficult to reconcile to a more likely much higher number down the track. Time will tell, but I suspect it might have been better for them to say nothing on pricing...

    Here in Australia, EB Games says that their estimated price for the Wii U is $598. That's too much IMO. Hopefully it'll be under the $400 mark :/

      thats an estimate. EB has had the $598 since it was announced at E3 2011. I highly doubt it will be that high. Im guessing it'll launch at the same price as the Wii did. $400. but we shall see.

    At AUS$400 i'd buy a tonne more games to go with it oh and an extra WiiU gamepad i hope that is the Aussie price

    Id still get it for up to $500

      May i ask why? I'm not hating on it or anything. But for $500 is there anything you are particularly interested in?

        Yes there is plenty for me to get excited about. Firstly it will have fullHD, have tablet like capabilities better online and standard controllers but more importantly better 3rd party support. Games like Zombie U Pikmin 3 Colonial Marines and Assassins Creed3 are on my list of must haves. Oh dont forget Nintendos games in full HD.

        So i ask you is it really so difficult for you to fathom that people are interested in a Nintendo console?

          Would this be all of the first party games that are only launching in 720p with "the potential for 1080p/FullHD" at some point in the future?

          It'll probably be a good console, but misrepresenting the facts is a bit poor form.

            I was answering why i was excited about the console. I already mentioned pikmin 3, and the Nintendo Full HD games in Full HD are the ones i will be excited about. What was hard to understand there? Yes im excited in a Zelda Full HD when it will be released, and a Mario 3D in Full HD etc. Nintendo know how to squeeze every last ounce of power out of their systems and theirs have always been amongst the best graphically (on their platform). So that i have no doubts will happen in the future.

            Poor form? pfft try poor reading on your part

              "Firstly it will have fullHD.....dont forget Nintendos games in full HD" and "Nintendo know how to squeeze every last ounce of power out of their systems and theirs have always been amongst the best graphically (on their platform)"

              Considering that they are coming six years late to the party, you'd expect them to launch with first party games that make full use of their new console - give them a point of difference, the point of advantaged over the other two systems; we're not talking about a WiiU exclusive for this, we're talking about giving people a reason to pick the WiiU version out of multiplat releases.

              "...Nintendo representative on the E3 show floor today, I was told that all of the playable Wii U games at E3 will ship with native 720p support, including Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros, and Pikmin 3. However, the representative said that some of those titles, like Pikmin 3, will run at 60 frames per second. The representative couldn’t confirm whether the games can be upscaled to 1080p, only that the “native resolution is 720p for all titles showcased”."

              60fps is impressive, that's great. Launching a console now, while playing catchup, and not being able to showcase their "much better, newer technology" by doing something more than the other guys? That's rubbish. These are their in-house, first party titles. If anything is going to make full use of their graphical capabilities, it should be them.

                6 years late to what party? What nonsense are you talking about. Their not late to anyones party.

                No you would NOT expect first party LAUNCH titles to show the full potential of the console i expect games in the 3rd year in to do that. I mean Halo 4 is finally doing 720p 30fps 6 years into a consoles life. The other halos didnt do that. So why should the expectations be different for Nintendo? They will work into 1080p games as the system is tested to its limits

                Oh and that screen in the controller is what seperates it from the other 2 consoles. Thats what Nintendo have been focusing on all this time. Its what they are going to advertise as its main feature. It will have slightly improved graphics (for now) and touch screen integration built into the games, something microsoft saw to copy with its microsoft mirror, errr smartglass. Thats what already sets the Wii U apart from the rest.

                Yeah you would be overly critical of Nintendo and let pass the fact that 360 or ps3 (were is the 1080 gaming?) games havent started off at 720p when it launched (ALL consoles NEVER start off with the best graphics). I wont even bother finishing my argument on part of your hypocrisy.

                Anyway the Wii U is starting off at 720p 60fps and it should only get better just as any console that launches.

                  Because 1080p is pretty much the bench mark now?

                  Late to the party?!?!

                  Nintendo have had 9 parties already...Mario Parties ha ha........ha

                Not many games nowadays run at 720p and locked at 60fps. Pretty sure games like Uncharted are locked at 30fps. Granted I'd be expecting something like NSMB WiiU to be running at 1080p and 60fps given the graphics, so I do see your point.

      Of course you would, you're a die hard Nintendo fan, as showcased by your posts. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      As someone who will buy everything or nothing depending on whether or not there's enough value and games in the console, I'd buy it at up to $250AU if it includes Nintendoland and a tablet.

      They're not confirming this includes the tablet controller.

        Die hard Nintendo fan? really? I havent bought a Nintendo game or console in almost 3 years, but you slap what ever judgements you like without knowing the whole story. Im a PC gamer, who happens to admire and respect Nintendo and its products. I enjoy their games but i wont buy everything they make let that be clear. My post are usually defending Nintendo against unreasonable and illogical argument.

        AUS$250 would be amazing price but highly unlikely. The PS3 still sells for over $300 and you expect Nintendo to sell a new console with new tech for less? Well what ever but dont get your hopes up. A more reasonable price would be $400 and even then it puts it within the price of a ps3 a 6 year old console.

        Finally why would they want to fragment the market by making the Wii U Gamepad sold seperately? Seriously have a think about it. Games like ZombiU wont work with out the controller either (alot of its core gameplay elements are tied to the Gamepad), which would become useless to gamers who only have the Wii U Pro controller. Its going to be packed in to the console.

      Correct me if I'm wrong but they said you can only have one gamepad per console.

        You can have up to two Wii U Gamepads

          Unfortunately it has been confirmed that the framerate will be halved as a result. Not attempting to pick or fight or take sides, just adding some additional information to the conversation.

            That is, the framerate will be halved when two Wii U Gamepads are being used with the Wii U.

              Streams to one controller at 60fps or 2x30fps.

              30fps on a touch screen is more than adequate so the point is moot IMO.

    So long as amazon ships direct to AU again like they did with 3DS preorders I'll be happy ;)

    Does anyone else think this device is just the complete opposite of a Wii? With the Wii you got off the lounge (for most things) and swung your hands and body around crazily to play the game. Now Nintendo are just putting people back on the couch and essentially giving them a tablet with a few buttons to play games with. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. Hell I would rather sit on the couch and play a game than have to get up and get physical. But with all the success of the motion sensing movement games (Wii Fit and Wii Sports) it seems like they are back peddling. IMO

      I see the WiiU as a hybrid.. and allows more flexibility than both the Wii and the PS3/Xbox has to offer. I'm more interested in it as a multimedia enabled device that I can stream everything (video, music, standalone games) to as well as a console controller with an "extra info" display.

      Has it been confirmed this is also a touch screen? I can't remember if I read that somewhere..

        Yep, the new Rayman game makes use of the touch functionality on the gamepad.

    I'm guessing retailers here in Australia will boost it up above the PS3's price.

    I’d get a WiiU for $350. If its not that price at release, its cool, I’ll just wait for price drop.

      Agreed, give it six months and the major retailers will be bundling for same pricing. At the moment it doesnt have anywhere near enough info on whats included in the box. Which is why they are probably queit on pricing. Option A = $350 comes with console + tablet + Nintendoland Option B= $400 comes with console + tablet + hardcore controller + nintendoland (all as a guide).

    I'd also, unfortunately, point out here that the American economy is not going to improve massively before Christmas. $250 is still realistic here.

    $349.. or even $399.. I can stomach that.. definitely not $599, which is the current estimate at EB Gamers. If it was $499, I still wouldn't buy it unless it came with the full set of controllers (Wii Remote+) and a release game.. like Pikmin.. or Mario.. but even then I would probably say no.. and wait 6 months. They need to be really careful with their release price so that we don't get another 3DS thing again.

    For the basic unit.. I don't think it should be more than $349.... but that generally means it will be more because it seems everytime I think it "should be this", it turns out to be at least $100 more.

      Keep in mind though, that if the console costs more than EB takes preorders for, then EB have to foot the bill. If it costs less, the consumers get the difference back, though they're more likely to just ask for extra games to the cost of that amount (like, say, a Wii U bundle conveniently priced at $598)

      So, that preorder price represents the highest reasonable ceiling, not what EB thinks it will actually cost.

        "Keep in mind though, that if the console costs more than EB takes preorders for, then EB have to foot the bill."

        Are you just making this up or what?

        It says "Estimated Price" on the website. I guarantee you if the Wii-U came out for $999 then there's no way they'll foot the bill. It's obviously just there to get it in the system and encourage people to start dumping some cash towards that preorder now so they'll have it half paid off by the time it comes out.

    If this is true ( low price point), maybe a new strategy for Nintendo in regards to life span of console. Aim is to get up to date with competitors and be relevant for shorter period. Get the jump on competitors early, lead the way and be innovative. Then reboot system console ever 4 -5 years. Focus on the system software / online service as its core component and update hardware when required like apple do with iPhone/iPad hardware - just upgrade ever few years and the core software keeps improving .Just a thought

      Sort of like the HP Printers business model.. sell the actual printer for dirt cheap and then gouge out the money from people on the ink and "special" paper.

    All Nintendo consoles in OZ have sold for $400 at launch.

    My guess is $500 for console, wiimote, nunchuck,gamepad and Nintendoland.

    This article has been updated on the US site - the actual quote was from 2011 just after Wii U was announced. Nothing to see here...

    Gee, PS1 was $`1000 bucks when it came out. haha Surly it has to be around he $500AU mark?

      No, the PS1 was $299 US at launch. I cant remember exactly what it was in AU (too long ago) but i think it was around $500.

    i can see it being $200, just without the controller. id be the controller will be at least $100.

    i expect it will be more like $400-$450 but who knows

    Hahahaha EBgames are accepting Preorders at ~$590 RRP....sigh

    It's is likely to launch at $299 USD / 30,000 Yen / $450-$500 AUD.

    The minimum price on the original Wii was $99, we all know how well that went.

    OMG !!!!

    Is it just me or is everyone MASSIVELY undervaluing the Wii-U?

    The package will likely come with a console/tablet controller/nintendoland, and the price won't be any lower than $400 and it won't be higher than $600.

    They will expect you to have nunchucks/wiimotes already but they will obviously sell them separately (maybe a new redesign/colours for wii-u but I highly doubt it) and the gamepad will also be separate (probably around $45-80 depending on how cheap or good it feels (I obviously haven't seen/felt the build quality)).

    This talk of $250-$400 price point is ludicrous.... You can barely get an xbox or ps3 for that price today. Be more realistic about it, hell the vita just came out recently and it doesn't even have on board memory to save a game... you had to buy the propriety sony memory with it.

    hi there with ipads cost up too $800 i have the $599 ipad

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