No DLC Can Ever 'Nerf' This Awesome Mass Effect Nerf Gun

This won't help you take out Reapers. And it's probably not such a good choice against Cerberus, either. At least, not if you want them to stay dead after you shoot them.

Because this? Is the best Nerf gun ever. It's Commander Shepard's favourite Nerf gun on the Citadel. It's a Nerf gun painstakingly handmade to look like it's right out of the Mass Effect series. If the Alliance could get away with Nerf guns, instead of the hot metal kind? They'd use these.

It's from Etsy designer Viktor Graves, who has a whole bunch of amazingly detailed, mostly harmless, fully functional replica weapons available. But this one is the best. Because Mass Effect.

And if foam just isn't an effective enough weapon against your nemesis, there's always the Super Soaker watergun edition. Which is pretty damn cool too.

MASS EFFECT Inspired Nerf Maverick Steampunk Scifi Video Game N7 [Etsy]


    the only difference i can see is the paint job, other that its just a normal maverick that been given a custom paint job which is nice but not that great

      Yeah. I've seen WAY better.

    i think, because it is not obviusly a toy anymore customs will block it

      nah customs can block even the normal yellow coloured nerf guns depending on the stay you live in. the same goes for gun controllers for games like time crisis, especially if you live in NSW where the firearms registry is extremely anal about importing anything that looks like a gun to their exact words they gave me " If it looks like a gun, then it is a gun"

    This model of nerf gun always reminded me of mass effect. I have one of these (without the paint job) and I've modded it so it packs more of a punch. Hurts like hell.

    Not really impressive since it's only a paintjob, custom modding is a lot harder then it looks to make it not look like a nerf gun.

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