No, ET! Run Away Before Gordon Freeman Whacks You With The Crowbar!

His finger-point introduction says "yes", but his fidgety shake of the crowbar says "yes, I will kill you now." [Tumblr]


    On both the computers in this house there isn't a fidgety shake of the crowbar, there s instead an over-large crowbar flashing on and off over ET. I think something went wrong.

      Click on the image. The resizing must kill it, I get the same thing.

      And another thing: Tina, I think most of your articles are great! This isn't , however.

    Okay, so the last two articles by Tina have completely blow Luke Plunket out for the lead for the worst journalist on this site!
    She never wrote anything interesting, but rarely posted anything flat-out annoying...

    Whoever chose the gif/image associated needs to review why it looks like crap on Chrome. I don't know what effect you were going for - but it looks like a glitchy gif where ET has the crowbar flashing on his body... and other misc areas of crummy animation.

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