Noisia Drops Some Serious Bombs On The DMC Soundtrack

What kinds of bombs? Dude, all kinds of bombs. F-bombs, beat-bombs, bass-bombs. All of the bombs.

The drum and bass group Noisia (NOISIA? I kind of like this all-caps thing bands are doing) has been brought on along with Combichrist to make music for Ninja Theory's upcoming DMCry, and, well… the music Noisia has made so far is pretty dang bodacious. Check it out:

Hey, look at that! I just got more interested in DMC.

If you'd like to know more about NOISIA, check them out on their website or on Facebook.



    But seriously, this is good shit.

    Haven't watched the vid yet but have enjoyed Noisia's epic tunes for a long time now. This actually makes me interested in checking out DMC :P

      My thoughts EXACTLY! I will always associate them with WipEout though :)

    Perhaps it's sleep deprivation, but does that mean Combichrist are also on the soundtrack?

    I've never cared for drum and base or dubstep, but that sounded pretty cool.

    Wow, I haven't heard anything from Combichrist in years, and I've NEVER heard of NOISIA.
    Awesome stuff!

    btw their name is (A)VISION backwards, they got it from a vcr

      woops, upsidedown and backwards

    I still wish Devil May Cry games had a similar sound to the original, not that i hate this or anything. It just fit so well, 3's gameplay with 1's soundtrack would be purrrfect

    Well. That actually did make me interested in DMC. Though I will never forgive Combichrist for dropping their sample laptop mid-set back in 2006 (or whenever it was)

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