The First Cinematic Trailer For The Elder Scrolls Online Looks Familiar

It's a sad state of affairs when you're not even feeling a game's cinematic trailer, but then, that's about par for the course with me and The Elder Scrolls Online. The game itself just doesn't look, or sound like an Elder Scrolls title. And neither does this trailer.

Once you get past the Skyrim axe dudes at the start, if you'd told me that was Lord of the Rings, I'd have believed you. If you'd told me it was EverQuest, hell, I'd have believed you.


    Can Bethesda just quit this nonsense and get to making Elder Scrolls VI - Black Marsh... Please?

      I love you.

    I was pumped when I heard the announcement then I saw some pictures of the game and read through the ideas for the game itself and my interest vanished.

    "pre-judging" a false sense of power for douchebags.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I don't think I've come across anyone who's gone "Elder Scrolls Online, can't wait!" and not "Wtf is this?"

    Lame. Looks like every other MMO with a fantasy theme. It'd be cool if they were able to implement a drop in/out 2 player facility to an ES game. But I wouldn't want to share it with more than one person!

    Yeah.... Not sure if want.

    Yep. Just yet another failed WoW clone. How many failed themepark games in a row will it take for developers to stop trying to cash in on WoW.

    Just imagine how many it would sell/keep subs for even if it was a themepark/sandbox hybrid, yet alone a proper Skyrim style sandbox.

    The big difference between this MMO trailer to the traditional TES trailers?
    The TES trailers use IN-GAME graphics!
    Bethesda for many games now, use the actual content of the game to make their trailers. Not pre-rendered cut-scenes that have nothing to do with the game.

    This MMO trailer contained no in-game footage because it graphically sucked. There is no other reason.

    I don't play MMOs but I do love Skyrim....Like everyone else here I am pretty confused by this whole operation, taking a first person open world game and forcing it through a WOW filter just sounds awful. The Amalur one looked like it might interest me in an MMO though, so that really shows how the pitch so far is failing with me.

    I dont get it. People have wanted an Elder Scrolls style MMO for years, so they give us another WoW clone instead? Give me Skyrim online, not WoW.

    Or you could all just wait until the game is released before giving it final judgement. I miss the days when Kotaku wasn't a cesspool of whinging hipsters.

    Should have done fallout mmo instead.

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