Now This Is How You Open A Video Game

Kirk was like "yo Jason write me something for Kotaku Melodic" and I was like "yo OK."

So immediately I went to YouTube and found the opening video to Suikoden II, aka the greatest intro to the greatest video game of all time.

Just watch. Watch the way it opens, setting the stage with an epic choral harmony, as if to say "We are not fucking around here." Watch the way it transitions from devastation to hope to harmony, the music swelling every step of the way. Watch the way it introduces the game's wonderful cast of wonderful characters. Watch the way it concludes, ending on a Broadway-like flourish, just begging you to jump in and hit the New Game button.

"Play me, motherfucker," says Suikoden II's intro. And you should. You really, really should.


    Love suikoden, I hope someday Konami will revive the franchise ...

      Only if some or most of the original staff work on it. I dont want this series to be screwed with. But i agree with you, it would be wonderful to take young master McDohl and the 108 stars of destiny on another adventure :)

    Such a F#cking awesome game!!! Games no longer are lovingly crafted anymore. The music, the atmosphere, the story, the chracters, the extras, the depth, the soul that were poured into games of the PS1 and PS2 days are long gone. Its all marketing statistics and shareholders now. The passion for telling a tight and beautiful story via an inspired experience is lost and it saddens me. Because i fear i will never see it again. So great to hear some of us still remember the greats, thankyou Jason, i think i will go to my old rpg collection and give this game another playthrough for old times sake :)

    that game is one of 3 reasons why I still keep my PS around even to this day

    I loved Suikoden II and had given up on the series until I played V which was all kinds of excellent. Apparently their most recent foray into making a Suikogaiden game for PSP was very successful so maybe now Konami can stop screwing up with these game and put a well made one out at the height of a console's life with decent marketing.

    Definitely one of the best games ever, and one of the greatest openings too, though Suikoden III also has a good one.

    Unfortunately the series hasn't sold well enough and the lastest 'Suikoden' games, while good games in their own right, lack a lot of the hallmarks of the series.

      Actually the very latest game "Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century" for the PSP sold pretty damn well, nearly matching in a week what the previous game released ("Suikoden: Tierkreis" for the DS) did in a year.
      It gives at least a little hope for the series to get a proper revival, even if it will still lack the original vision that created it.

    Still think that Suikoden III's intro is better :P

    I want another Suikoden., they were such great games. They went a little down hill after II however, but they were still very playable. If they made one for PSN that would be sweet, have it all cell shaded or even sprite based. mmmmmm.

    Ah Luca Blight, so evil and viscous that even his own side opted to betray him.

    Best. JRPG. Ever.
    in my opinion :-P

    This will always be my favourite RPG. I've lost count to how many times I've clocked it, and it never gets boring. Definitely one of the best storylines in a game...

    pity that Suikoden 4 was a mistake though.

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