Now THIS Is Okami In HD

After years of people asking, Capcom and Sony are finally releasing Okami in high definition on the PS3. While we've seen some screens of the project, they still look a little...jaggy. Maybe not as "HD" as people were hoping. Definitely not as gorgeous as these screens.

Duncan Harris, of Dead End Thrills, has fired the Wii version of the game up using a Dolphin emulator on the PC, capturing screenshots at a whopping 2880x1620 resolution.

That's of course a lot better than it's going to look on the PS3, so, um, sorry. On the bright side, if you already own a copy of Okami on Wii, here's a handy guide on helping you get the game running on a PC.

Okami [Dead End Thrills]

How To Play Wii Games In High Definition, On Your PC [Kotaku]


    I missed this game because it was too close to the end of the PS2 and FFXII. I will pick this up for sure, it looks amazing.

    its beautiful :-)

    They already had me at 'Okami' but this just makes me want it even more.

      Though this is the Wii version so the graphics are kind of compromised. Bumped the color way up (original was washed out for a reason) and dialled the rice-paper effect way back to the point you barely see it.

        Personally, I preffered the more vibrant look of the Wii version so I am happy about this! Sad its only PS3.. Dont plan on picking one up, shame its not on the 360. But then its a flip of the coin, the wii controls worked really well -_-

        Agreed. When I played the wii version I was like:

        "WTF happened to the colours? Haven't these people seen a Japanese print before!"

    Those screenshots look incredible! I can't get it to work in dolphin though. My disc drive isn't supported :(

    I never really liked this game, Something about being a wolf turned me off

      You're really missing out if your only problem is being a wolf...

    very good game, but had lagg on the ps2

      I know this is more than a year after the fact, but if you're still interested, you might like to know that the HD version has NO lag whatsoever, which is one of the reasons I bought it, even though I still have my PS2 disc and system.

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