Now This Is One Badass Metal Gear Figure

I liked the last Metal Gear figures Play Arts released, but I like the look of this one a lot more.

Metal Gear Solid 2's Solidus Snake is the next character from the series to get the action figure treatment from Square Enix's toy division, and he's a beauty.

You'd think those arms would be a nightmare, but no, they're done perfectly. He's also packing two rifles and two swords, and will be out in November.

Square Enix 2012年11月發售: PLAY ARTS改 METAL GEAR SOLID2 SONS OF LIBERTY ソリダス・スネーク [Cybergundam, via Toyark]


    [email protected]#k they are good at what they do, its songood to see such a great franchise get such quality figurines!

    - I'm so glad they didn't put wires in the "Tentacles" like the MGS2 figure. They look believable now. This is so nice.


    f*** it.

    Luke im going to take your job.

    I can actually make it to more than one paragraph.

      I would support you. I don't care how good of a journalist you are. I would support you so I don't have to see Lukes stream-of-conciseness bullshit on this website every day. It's like he starts to write an article and then gets distracted because he sees a butterfly or something.

        Today, something happened that had some kind of link to a guy who once played a game... SQUIRREL!!!

    i could swear he gets exhausted just adding the link to someone elses work which he's written quite literally a few words on.

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