Our Lady Of The Mushroom Kingdom Turns Mario Into Religious Iconography

French artist Soasig Chamaillard has taken some standard images of Christian worship - statues of Mary - and jazzed them up a little, adding a pop culture focus to something that was once purely spiritual.

While some may rightly find these a little offensive (you have been warned), others will find them oddly charming. Except for the Sailor Moon one. That's just terrifying.



    As a Catholic myself, I found all those fucking offensive.

      Not sure if trolling comments or moron.....

        Also a catholic myself, i found these hilarious to look at! There's just something about making fun of a religion that you follow better to make fun of.

      Careful, atheism is so in vogue right now, you won't get much sympathy.

        Logic and reason are so vogue right now.

      Contains blasphemy... could be trolling.

      Is Catholic... could be on their way to confession.

      I can't call this one. Ah well, off for some in-game gay relationships.

    Surprisingly, not the most offensive ones from the set!

    I'm sorry Mario, your saviour is in another castle!

    These are a pretty cool guy.
    Lamb-Jesus is pretty cute! And there's a nipple in there too!

    But I think the best one, the one that surprised me the most whilst scrolling down has to be the Guitar Hero one.

    I don't think these are entirely necessary. I agree with Bryan, they're offensive and there's no need for it.

    Creative, but very disrespectful to the religious figures portrayed.
    It's similar to painting tombstones. Colourful, but you just don't do it.

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