Over Twenty Minutes Of Beyond: Two Souls' Gameplay Footage

That's...a long time! Beyond: Two Souls is an upcoming PS3 exclusive from the studio behind Heavy Rain.

This footage is shaky cam stuff, but it provides the best look I've seen that shows what to expect when Beyond: Two Souls is released sometime next year.

Beyond : Two Souls for PlayStation 3 gameplay E3 2012 footage [YouTube Thanks, KingKellogg!]


    Looks amazing! Seems to be more interactive and action-oriented than heavy rain.

    I liked Heavy rain...but I didn't care much for the controls. There's nothing wrong with standard controls, if the story is really good. As long as there isn't any quick time events, for crying out loud...can we put the QTE's to rest. That's one thing darksiders has over God of war, you press one button to finish off a guy, and actually get to enjoy the animation.

    nothing kills my interest in a game quicker than "exclusive", is there really that big an advantage to a self imposed limit?

    Whats with killing the swat guys and none of them giving a fuck. "Did you hear gunshots?"

      I think time slows down when you're the ghost, so everything happens in an instant, maybe...

    A game full of QTE again? Obviously didn't learn anything from HR then, i dont mind a couple here and there but when every action sequence has them it takes immersion away. I'm too busy looking for the next button push to enjoy the game.

    the controlling of people reminds me a lot of Messiah. And that's not a bad thing...

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