Over Twenty Minutes Of Dead Space 3 Gameplay

CONS: This clip is almost entirely narrated by one of the developers, a practice which only marketing types enjoy. You could mute it, but then you'd lose the sound effects as well.

PROS: It's over 20 minutes of Dead Space 3 footage. Just gameplay.


    When I read "Over 20 minutes..." I was expecting about 23-25 minutes. What I got was 53 seconds over 20 minutes.

      Its still over 20min... im sure everyone is real sorry there wasnt an additional 2min 7seconds for you... bloody hell.

      Twenty Minutes and Fifty-Seven Seconds Of Dead Space 3 Gameplay!

      Much more catchy.

    So by "almost entirely" you actally mean "barely at all"?

    Doris...go back to exploring, ur just upset boots didnt get picked for the team and john carvis did

    Wow dude, that's just, like super awesome dude.

    I find Dead Space games hard to stay interested in. I still own 1&2, though I've not finished either.

    The new Lost Planet looks awesome.

    Sarcasm is rampant! Im actualy realy pumped for this! I was skeptical at first but the dual storys might just work! Im a big fan of the scares from the first 2, its hard to gauge the impact when you watching a youtube vid but i have faith in visceral, more deadspace is always welcome with me just keep it decent


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