Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Or As We Call It, Take My Damn Money

Nintendo held four conferences this week. At least two of them should have been just about this game.


    Right now all I want from this game is a story as fantastic as the ones in Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario.

    Kinda annoyed that there aren't a variety of helpers/partners like in previous games (especially the first two), because I really liked the options they brought to battle. I can see the sticker thing being a different method of much the same though in that regard.

    Gameplay looks shallow, the music sucks, the graphics are meh. Im sure it will be decent, but it hardly looks like they're even trying.

    Looks like a whole lot of fun. The Mario and Luigi series on DS as well as The Thousand Year Door were awesome, and so I'm looking forward to this one.
    Also looks like it'll kick arse in 3D.

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