PC Code Points To Five-Deck DLC Plans For Magic: The Gathering

PC gamers inspecting the game code for Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, which released this week, found references to five additional decks that seem likely to be released as downloadable content later. Top Tier Tactics has all of the details. [h/t WiNG]


    Having played through the main campaign of this game over the weekend, I hope those decks are free DLC that get released rather soon. The options you get in this game are pretty abysmal.

    Then again, I'm still recovering from playing this game in high school, so I'm probably not the target market. This isn't meant to get people who stopped playing back into the game, it's meant to introduce new players to the game.

    Duels of the Planeswalkers hasn't ever really been great with customization or ever really looked like it was aiming towards it. That's mostly why I'm not interested in getting the 2013 edition.

    Adding DLC to this game would only make it more like my real life games. The ability to go online and purchase a custom deck with whatever you want in it has really ruined the idea of collecting a deck and playing competitively with it for me.

    I like this game, but to be honest, it feels like it's just being made on the cheap to help sell cards, that's why you can't customize your decks.

    Another year, another version - the same as last year and so on. I'm surprised this tired old retread, with it's soon to follow mass of overpriced dlc, can still sucker peeps in.

    This is for casual MtG gaming, those who want to play a fully customisable version can always play MtGO or just play IRL. Prebuilt and balanced decks are the only real option for a fixed game like this otherwise it is pointless.

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