Plastic Link, Just Take My Money

My wallet is open. Seriously, take the ¥3800 ($48) necessary to buy this Legend of Zelda Link figure.

Going on sale this October in Japan, this Link figure is the latest in the Figma action figure line. This Skyward Sword Link is fully poseable, comes with a Master Sword and two facial expressions, as well as the ability to take people's money.

Click on the images below to see it from all angles.

figmaリンク、間もなく案内開始!! [Figma Blog]


    I'll take 1 and a Twilight Princess version please!

    the "take my money" thing was never funny

      Very true.

    i want one, but it looks tacky.

    *throws bankcard, wallet and change at laptop" take my money max factory, just, take it all
    and make a zelda and ganon to go with it
    and Fi, SS link is incomplete w/o Fi

    It kind of stinks that it's $48. I wish it was cheaper, and available in the US.

    Brilliant. And I will take the Samus one also. Where's the buy button?

    Take a look guys. It's right there in the header.

    they should make ghirihim

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