PopCap Pulls Bejeweled Blitz From Google+

PopCap Pulls Bejeweled Blitz From Google+

PopCap has announced it will remove Bejeweled Blitz from Google’s social networking site, claiming it wants to “redeploy [its] resources to other adaptations of Bejeweled“. It’s bit of a blow for Google+’s ambitions, though I don’t think anyone can blame PopCap for seeking out more lucrative pastures.

One only has too look at Zynga to see that not everything is rosy in the world of social games. Money is still being made, but people are starting to realise that these online Skinner boxes aren’t as much “fun” as they used to be — if they ever were.

I wouldn’t put lump Bejeweled Blitz with FarmvilleBejeweled is a game at least — but online, embedded in sites like Google+ and Facebook, it can’t help but be wrapped up in the same cloth. Have social games reached a head? Will they need to innovate or evolve if they want to continue to exist?

Maybe we’re just seeing a correction and the falling numbers will stabilise. Whatever is going on, PopCap, and to some extent, EA, feels the need to focus its efforts elsewhere. Apparently, the metrics are telling them that Google+ is not one of those places.

PopCap and Wooga Pull Games From Google+ [TechCrunch]


  • FarmVille not a game? Wow, you guys will really just post any pandering circlejerking horseshit for the fourteen year old boys now won’t you?

    Or so you actually not know? Someone whose job it is specifically to know about games should at least know what the word ‘game’ means… Look it up in a dictionary. Would’ve taken seconds and saved so much embarrassment.

    Casual game != not a game. Or is it because there’s no win condition? If that’s the case, you’d better stop posting about Bejeweled, World of Warcraft, and all other MMOs, because they’re not games either.

    • There’s really no need to take such a rude tone. Just take a breather next time before you write. You’ll still get your point across, and maybe people will take you seriously as well.

    • Farmville is just a stripped down version of Harvest Moon, but you have to pay to get anything. If you play the game without spending any real money, your farm looks like crap and it takes way longer to earn money and level up. There’s just no incentive for free players.

    • Why would I be embarrassed? I don’t really consider Farmville a game in spirit, and that’s my opinion. Having been employed as a professional game developer, and currently working now as an indie, I’m have no problems standing by my statements.

      And here you have your opinion, which is fine. No need to get so excited.

      Update: Also… where did I say “casual” games aren’t games? Bejeweled is an excellent game.

      Now I just think you’re trolling.

    • I think it’s got more to do with the lack of interesting choices. The major mechanic is to wait for a timer to tick down.

  • Why would they shut it down? It can’t cost them anything to run, surely – it’s through development, it’s just a Flash file sitting in a server somewhere. I just can’t see the advantage of killing it over leaving it alive and unsupported.

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