Potaku 2: The Potakuing

Potaku, the Kotaku Community Podcast, is now a real thing. You thought they'd do one and forget about it? You were wrong buddy. This is happening. Potaku is here to stay! Click inside for episode 2 of Potaku!

Once again, I'll leave you with Potaku co-founder, and my main homie, ShiggyNinty to explain...

Choo choo! All aboard the Potaku Hype Train! That stupid E3 Hype Train crashed and burned, all your gaming hopes and dreams were destroyed in 3 days, so why not place the remains, the ashes, the emotional scars into our luggage carriage and GET HYPE!!!


Welcome to the second episode of Potaku! Hopefully we don’t suffer the dreaded “Second Album Syndrome”. But more than likely we will.

On this episode we have myself, Doc What, Mashaa and Puppylicks talking community news and all things E3! We discuss the Big 3 conferences and basically trash the hell out of it. It’s super fun and you should totally listen!

We have 2 Community Playdates set up! One for Xbox 360 and one for PS3:

On Tuesday 8:30PM EST on Xbox 360 we have Halo Reach. Remember to add Gamertags and make sure you have all patches and anything else you need.

On Wednesday at 8:30PM EST on PS3 we have Uncharted 3! Again, remember to add PSN ID’s and again, check for any patches (I know how notoriously big some PS3 patches can be) and other things you’ll need to play.

Now, just an update on the whole podcast. At the moment we have the podcast up only on Soundcloud. The problem with Soundcloud is having a free account means we can only upload 2 hours of audio, each podcast runs for an hour or more... so here’s what we’re doing. Every week we will, as soon as it’s ready, will delete the old episode and put up the new one, so all you Soundcloud users and fans can continue using that. In the next couple of weeks though we will hopefully have a proper RSS feed set up and hooked into iTunes so we can be a cool kidz podcast. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to go!

We love to hear your feedback and suggestions for the show, song of the week and more. You can get in contact with us via email or Twitter.

ShiggyNinty: Email/Twitter Doc What: Email/Twitter

Doc What and myself were blown away by the love, support and feedback for the show. For something we thought we’d get a few “that was pretty cool I suppose” for, we’ve been happy for what people have said and suggested to us. So thank you so much for all of this, we love doing this and we hope you enjoy listening.

Potaku Episode 2

Potaku Episode 2 by Doc_What


    Dat song...

      Despite being hyped for Borderlands 2, I still can't help but think of that song as not only the best part of Borderlands 1, but also the only good thing done by Cage the Elephant. There's a kind of poetry in that.

    Lucky I listened to the first podcast before it disappeared into the interweb aether, since the second went up about an hour later. AND I ACTUALLY LISTENED TO IT. And it was pretty good. I like how it's really a community oriented thing - on one hand you could argue that you're limiting your audience to just people in this Kotaku AU user community, but it also feels like an accessible, inclusive thing, so no one who IS part of this community should feel left out.

      Also for the record I also used to always read shiggy's name as shiggityniggity. I'm assuming shiggyninty is a reference to Shigeru Miyamoto?

    Need to listen to it still lol. If it's anything like #1, it should be awesome.

    So I'm going on Potaku 3...the Potakuing 2?

    Follow me on Twitter as I freak out at shiggy over the smallest things - @BlueMaxima

    Awesome work guys - I listened to it on Sunday! Thanks also for the mention of the book - was very nice of you to do that unsolicited!

    I listened to it before it was cool.

    Great job so far guys. Shiggy and Doc What have been promoting this thing like crazy.

    I like the way you work it
    Shignigitty, I got to bag it up (bag it up)

    Don't stop ShiggyNiggy
    (That's real)
    Don't stop ShiggyNiggy
    (I will)
    I'm gon' do it, gon' do it
    Gon' do it, do it, do it

      He's just a rascal!
      He's just a rascal!
      He's just a reacal!
      Shiggy Rascal!

    Great podcast.

    Only that cheeses me out is the quality... I can hear general delay/artifacts in the background kind of like a bad phone call. If you can clear up those issues that would be awesome.

    Keep it up guys !!!

      One of the guys this time round unfortunately didn't have a headset!

        I will pledge $2 for this headset haha.
        Wasn't a massive issue but if you can avoid it, then great :)

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