Potaku 3 With A Vengeance

Potaku has made it all the way to episode 3, baby. The Kotaku community podcast made by the community for the community (and for anyone else who wants to listen) is back! And now they're on iTunes!

I'll leave to my main home-slice ShiggyNinty to explain the details...


Welcome to Potaku Episode 3! You know what this means...weeks upon weeks of hype...only for a lacklustre ending and fans clamouring for a new one? Is that what happens this time? LISTEN TRUE BELIEVER AND HEAR FOR YOURSELF!

On this week’s episode we are off to Hollywood to discuss bad movie games and game movies. Oh and any good ones if there are any. Joining us is Blaghman and BlueMaxima to help us on this daring quest!

We have 2 community playdates set up again and some news on the Playdate front!

On Tuesday at 8:30PM EST we have Gears of War 3 for Xbox 360, remember to add gamertags, download DLC and patches and get ready to jump on and saw some dudes in half.

On Wednesday at 8:30PM EST we have Warhammer 40K: Space Marine on PS3. Add any PSN ID’s, DLC, patches and the like and get ready to do some stuff for the Emperor.

Last week we had a playdate on the Xbox 360 for Halo: Reach. Needless to say it went “off” as the kids say. So after some thinking and a lot of “OH HELL YES” I’m making Monday nights at 8:30PM EST the Kotaku Monday Night Halo Fight! Come and join us to play some Halo, we’ll be using a variety of gametypes and maps. Anyone is welcome to make and suggest either to use! But be warned there may be some Speed Halo!

Some other news regarding the podcast. You are now able to subscribe on iTunes! So if you are so inclined to the wondrous land of Apple you can subscribe, rate and listen to us on there and get new episodes as soon as they’re available!

Don’t forget to send in any song suggestions, feedback, questions or anything else to us through our email or Twitter accounts!

Doc What: Email/Twitter ShiggyNinty: Email/Twitter

Thanks again everyone for listening and we hope you enjoy!

Potaku Episode 3: Soundcloud/iTunes

Potaku Episode 3 by Doc_What


    T'were a jolly good episode chaps, good discussions all around and and excellent music choice too, I'll be trying to find some time to play Alan Wake now, since I still have a few more days to kill until my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw arrives.

    So glad it's on iTunes, I was finding it hard to find an hour to sit in front of my PC without interruption. With the podcast on my phone, I was able to listen to it while donig my grocery shopping. I AM NOT AT ALL AN OLD MAN.

    Listening now. Looks like you guys made another good listen.

    Also, thank you Blaghs! I was confused that Diamond was the 60th. I was trying to tell people that diamond was normally for the 75th but they all thought I was crazy*.

    *I may actually be crazy, my understanding of jubillees/anniversarys notwithstanding.

      Assuming my memory is correct, it's because Queen Victoria was becoming a massive recluse, and losing support, so they decided to push the Diamond Jubilee forward to get her in the public spotlight.

      I think.


    Congratulations on being consistent! It was quite the listen.

    Hey Doc, you seem to have a very similar accent to my brother's gf - are there regional dialects in Scotland (or do all Scots just sound the same to me..?)
    Is it terribly insulting to inquire if you're from 'the Dundee'..?

      There are many regional accents but mine isn't dundee.

      From the central Stirling/Falkirk area

        Ah thought it was long shot, from what I've heard it's a blessing not to be from Dundee anyway!
        Another great 'cast guys - but 'oooh-vay' Boll..?? nup. I think it's ooh-veh, but hey - potayku potahku :)

    What the heck is 'Speed Halo'?

      literally the best game type ever created in halo reach

        This. Zombies, in a giant sloping tunnel. Humans get in a warthog, and plummet to the bottom of the tube, where they get teleported back to the top to do it again, all the while gaining speed. Zombies have to destroy the cars that careen past them. Ridiculously fun.

    Arrh!! We haven't really organised anything yet. We were looking at the weekend when Steve is down since he'll be staying with us for at least part of the time 11/12 of august and our place is in Parramatta for those interested. I'll put something in TAY when I've had a chance to finalise things with stevo and Pyrean.

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