Potaku 4: Potaku Rising

This is not a reboot. This is not a gritty reimagining of a franchise you know and love. This is Potaku Episode 4. This is the Kotaku community podcast. And you should listen to it!

As always it falls to ShiggyNinty, co-creator of Potaku and 'very tall man' to let us all know what to expect from this week's episode...

Who ordered the #35 Special? What’s the #35 Special? How about some of the most sexy and seductive voices around Kotaku? Yeah. You definitely ordered this.

Welcome to Episode 4 of Potaku! This week we have myself and Doc What as usual and special guests Effluvium Boy and #35, talking about retro gaming and general nonsense.

We have community playdates set up for both Xbox 360 and PS3. On Tuesday at 8:30PM EST we have GTA4 for Xbox 360. Grab patches, updates and DLC. And not to leave the PS3 in the cold, we have GTA4 as well, so Wednesday at 8:30PM EST grab any patches, DLC and updates and get ready to cause chaos and madness in Liberty City.

Don’t forget we also have Monday Night Halo Fights in Halo Reach!

Remember to leave either myself or Doc What any feedback, requests, comments or suggestions either on our Twitter or emails!

ShiggyNinty: Twitter/Email

Doc What: Twitter/Email

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Thanks for listening everyone and we hope you enjoy!


    I'm half way through it RIGHT NOW!

    You weren't imagining things Shiggy, they're trying to get everything together to make it: http://m.au.ign.com/articles/2012/04/04/arnold-talks-twins-sequel-triplets

    And those ghosts in Alex Kidd were scary, but there was a pattern to them, and what you grabbed earlier affected what appeared later. So you could release them when you knew it was safe to escape, then get the extra life later in the level!

    And Super Mario Land is awesome... Probably because it was one of the first games*I* ever owned

    And the title of this episode should be "Potaku 4: The unnecesary money grubbing sequel that is about 10 years too late"

      Or “Pot4ku: The unnecesary money grubbing sequel that is about 10 years too late”

        Pot4ku: Because fuck the letter A.

    I'm listening to episode 2 right now....HEY! I liked Raiden!


        What... day...?

        Seriously, Raiden was alright apart from the fact that he slowly repeated almost everything that he was told. Is he really that stupid?

    - When I say "Amiga" I mean "Atari"
    - Country music isn't all bad.

      Yeah, I noticed that. Was all like 'WTF? Did he mean Atari?'.

    Can I still join the GTA4 fun if I don't have the DLC?

    Listened to this on an interstate flight last night. It made time fly!

    What a thrill...
    With darkness and silence through the night
    What a thrill...
    I'm searching and I'll melt into you
    What a fear in my heart
    But you're so supreme!

    Coming next week:

    Potaku - Too cool 5 school

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