Press Your Face Up To These Slick Images Of Unreal Engine 4

You gotta stop and smell the roses. In video games, that means taking a break and noticing walls, dirt, doors, and vegetation — you know, the inconsequential things. It's in these things that you can see how realistic a game's graphics are.

Epic Games released showed up a tech demo for its new tech, the Unreal Engine 4. This is just a tech demo, but it's very powerful tech. So I did what I usually do in game, but this time I did it to the super high-resolution screenshots Epic released.

I selected a handful of shots and then zoomed in. I tried not to zoom in too far as not to blur the tech demo screens (the original images were seven times larger than the largest images Kotaku posts).

The point here isn't to see how sharp these Unreal Engine 4 screenshots, because, well, they're pretty damn sharp! Rather, it's to see how the Unreal Engine 4 handles textures — you know, the small stuff. Because as the next generation of video games moves closer to photorealism, the small stuff is exactly what game creators will be sweating.


    be good to see how cloth/hair/human facial expression work, so far its been quite in-animate (but very nice to look at)

      Unless facial expression becomes ai driven it's quality would be solely artists work and in no way representative of the actual engines power. However skin/hair/cloth are all things that an engine could demonstrate.

    Looks like it might be a good time to start looking for a new graphics card...

      The demo was running on a single GTX 680. By the time the first game running on this rolls around it should run pretty easily on the hardware available.

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