Prototype Creators Shutting Down

Prototype Creators Shutting Down

Radical Entertainment, the 20-year-old game studio behind games like Prototype and Scarface, has shut its doors.

Audio designer Rob Bridgett, formerly of the Vancouver-based studio, confirmed the news on Twitter today.

When reached for comment, Radical parent company Activision sent Kotaku the following statement:

Although we made a substantial investment in the Prototype IP, it did not find a broad commercial audience. Radical is a very talented team of developers, however, we have explored various options for the studio, including a potential sale of the business, and have made a difficult conclusion through the consultation process that the only remaining option is a significant reduction in staff. As such, some employees will remain working for Radical Entertainment supporting other existing Activision Publishing projects, but the studio will cease development of its own games going forward.

In addition to the Prototype series, Radical also worked on games like goofy open-world title The Simpsons Hit & Run and the old educational title Mario is Missing!

Earlier, sources from various game studios contacted Kotaku to inform us of the news. We also saw chatter on Twitter suggesting that Radical had indeed been shut down.


  • What a sad piece of news start the day…I really enjoyed most of Radical’s work, it wasn’t too serious and was a lot of fun to play. Hopefully those talented people move onto something worthy of their talent

    • Sadly, it’s what’s going to happen, the staff are going to get absorbed into one of those teams eventually.

      They deserved better than this.

  • FUCKING Fuckyou Activision. A good studio with a good IP that made games that were just fun, which still had a good amount of sales, fucking SHUT DOWN to leave more revenue for block buster titles such as BLOPS2 AND MW4. WHAT’S THAT BOBBY? PROTOTYPE DIDN’T HIT 2 BILLLION IN ITS FIRST 6 MONTHS, OK TIME TO DROP THE STUDIO.

    Fucking shit, so pissed. They are not just ruining the industry, they are infecting it with their poision and turning it into something much worse than any of us could ever imagine. Give them your credit card numbers and they’ll continue to prioritize only on games which can guarantee them the absolute maximum PROFIT.

    Feeling so bad for all the guys at Radical right now.

  • Oh no! Prototype 2 didn’t sell 10 million copies in it’s first month, better fire everyone, that’ll fix it.

  • Wasted many an hour on Simpsons Road Rage back in the day. Single and multiplayer. Sad news to hear.

  • That sucks. The amount of potential Prototype had was ridiculous, so it’s a shame we won’t be able to experience another entry into the series……until the reboot that is.

  • Allthough an average developer, they really did have alot of potential as shown in Prototype 1 & 2. My favourite game of theirs was Jackie Chan Stuntmaster on the PSone – also the best Jackie Chan game ever made too!

  • Ha this sucks. The Prototype games are awesome.
    Eventually we’re going to end up with fucking Call of Duty: Car Theft Edition.

    • How do you figure that?

      I am sorry but the only way I can try to understand what you are saying is that “Good, the more games that aren’t linear FPS or cookie cutter RPG fail, the better for the game industry in the long run.” I really hope I am misunderstanding what you are trying to say because Prototype was one of the few games were I didn’t get a mad feeling of deja vu every five minutes from either watching the pov character die or trying to make trivial decision seem more important than it is by shoving it straight into my face.

  • You know what I think that the creators of Prototype should continue the Prototype series?…. is with a different company that they went to. huh huh does anyone like that?

    • I was very fucking angry and sad when i found out this i loved playing the simpsons hit and run on the ps2 does anyone know if the simpsons hit and run is going to be put onto the xbox one x? I have a idea to keep the awesome games going in the Future sell them off to another devloper if the simpsons hit and run is going to come to the Xbox one x i was going to buy it does anyone know why this company is shutting down?

  • I guess that my comment above this one was deleted or maybe just too late on the updated version of this page on this site… but “tis to be dead on the river of souls.”

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