PS Vita's Upcoming Musical Fighting Game Looks Great In Action

When I first heard about Zen Studio's Kickbeat, I was understandably excited about it. A fighting game that uses music to cue its hits, designed by the people who made the supremely punchy Zen Pinball games? One that tells the story of You can import your own music?

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Of course, there are still plenty of places this game could go wrong. But this new gameplay video, showing the game being played on hard to Celldweller's I Can't Wait, has largely assuaged my fears while actually making me look forward to the game even more.

I mean… as this story trailer shows, the game has an order of monks called "The Order of the Melodic Fist".

I'm in.


    Looks more like a rhythm game than a fighting game to me

    "One that tells the story of You can import your own music?"
    Think you left the first part of that sentence in after shuffling stuff around.

    Gameplay looks the EXACT SAME as this, it's just disguised with punching instead of ridiculous filmclips. I suspect this game will get old fast.

    I read about this at first and thought it sounded great, I love a good rhythm game and this could have ticked alot of boxes, especially with the use your own music option.

    Having watch a gameplay video, it didn't sell me the game, mainly because I am still not entirely sure on the inputs the people were using to play it (what kind of button prompts), the choice of it being a fighting background does nothing when you can't really pay attention to what really happens on screen because you have to focus on what's coming up and not what's happening now.

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