Red Lynx Create New Track To Celebrate The Release Of Babel: Rising

The last thing I need in my life is another Trials Evolution track. It is literally the last thing I need. To celebrate/promote/pimp the release of another Ubisoft title, Babel Rising, Red Lynx has gone and created a track based on the look and design of the game. It's now available in the Track Central section of Trials Evolution.

I am a broken man. Trials Evolution is pretty much the only game I've played for weeks now. Red Lynx. I love-hate you.

Babel Rising, by all accounts, is a pretty mediocre tower defense type of game. But if we can get a new Trials track out of it, I guess it's worthwhile!


    Whoaaa... thats a pretty cool looking level

    Some of the track central levels coming out of late have been amazing - esp ones based on Alan Wake and Mirror's Edge!

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