Redcoats Are In Serious Jeopardy In These New Assassin's Creed III Screenshots

The developers of this fall's Assassin's Creed III swear that the game's protagonist, the 18th century half-Native-America/half-British assassin Connor won't just kill redcoats in Revolutionary-era America. He might fight colonists... they even have Connor acknowledge that in a new E3 video demo, but they still aren't showing it.

So, for now, watch more redcoats die.

We'll have a ton more news about Assassin's Creed III in the days to come.



    AMERICA! [email protected]#K YEAH!

      The Americans have done so much for the natives. It's no wonder Connor's defending them against the horde.

      Gotta remember though - back then it wasn't really America vs Britain (the way Mel Gibson might remember it) - it was more British colony vs Britain. The joke was that it was a civil war fought on foreign soil.
      So yeah, in these screens the Brits are getting their arses handed to them. As they fight...other Brits.

        Exactly! That's something Americans have a habit of forgetting .

          Americans have a habit of forgetting a lot of things that don't convenience them.

    Im American and this is true people here think that we were independent americans and that Brits didn't want us to be.

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