Remember That GAME 25% Off Sale? Well, Now It's 40%

"The Administrators have given the thumbs up," says the Facebook post, "for a CLEARANCE SALE taking 40% off a huge range!" Well, GAME's precarious situation is hardly good news, but you might as well take advantage of some of these deals.

There are actually some really top notch deals in there. Looks like GAME are really trying to clear some stock quickly here.

Dead Space 2 for $34, Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $24, DJ Hero with the Turntable for $15, Fight Night Champion for $34 — that's just some of the deals I spotted in the five minutes I spent going through the sale.

It looks pretty extensive. Happy hunting.


    I'm assuming they haven't been getting in new stock so my chances at a cheap copy of Max Payne are unlikely?

    MP3 was $68 on launch at BIGW and it was worth twice that :P so anything under 100 is a bargain for a master piece

    If I buy a game here, am I guaranteed to get it? I don't know how the law works - this must all be stock that they have and want to lose, right?


      I don't want to be laying down more money and not getting my game...

        I'd say you certainly would, any games that are out of stock say so, and in their administration FAQ it doesn't say anything about it.

      I would say you would get if. They would say out of stock other wise and saying they have stock would be false advertising

        They didn't have to for Diablo III though. I really really really wouldn't risk it.

          I think what happened with Diablo was a one-off, though - they didn't say they had stock, they took money for pre-orders and then didn't fulfil them. That's certainly not a good thing, but I think legally it's different to saying "we're having a sale" and not being able to send you the thing. I think.

            The stock levels on te website are not always accurate (they may have been mis-scanned or removed from the warehouse without stock levels beig adjusted). If this is the case due to administration they are under no obligation to offer you a refund. You are buying at your own risk.

      I bought 2 items when it was 25% off and I got my items 2 days later.

      *Note: your experience might vary

      I ordered two games a couple of days ago and they were delivered today. I wouldn't worry about it. In fact, I am going to get more.

    yawn, lame prices are lame.

    I approve of these sales.

    I bought Deus Ex: HR for $15 on ps3 from eb today lol

      I got it for like $26 on steam ages ago.

      Exactly it cost me only $28 from Ozgameshop last Xmas! Also they have Shadows of the Damned listed for $30 at GAME, at EB it's currently $15 New!!

    Got batman arkham city for pc for 28 at eb! Awesome sale!

    40% Australian prices is too much for me. Plus GAME have the smallest selection of PC games. My local Game had one shelf of PC games. Long live Steam.

    Main thing that caught my eye on this sale is that their page logo is looking a little blood-splattered these days.

    I'd like to point out that Fight Night Champion is $28 at EB right now.

    This is BS.. it's not taking the % off the batman CE, even though there's no reason it shouldn't be...

      The sale is only on a selected range - are you sure the Batman CE is included in the sale?

        yerp - it was on the page that the thing linked to

    Nice one, now the sites fucked.

    Site crapped out halfway through placing my order...

    40% off portal 2 and its $32, on steam its $20, what a ripoff

      also, far cry 1 & 2 on steam is $5 now, $15 at GAME just for no. 2

    still more expensive than other stores at that.

    Was in EB yesterday, they have a sale too (just in case all the banners didn't let you know =p), most of the stuff was the same price as game.

    You can get Dead Space 2 and Deus Ex for 2 for $40 at JB right now. These prices are discounted but still more expensive than JB or EB.

    I walked into the local store the other, and pretty much walked out when I noticed the typical lack of attention to their pricing on shelf:
    2 Wii games side by side, one new, one 2nd hand: 2nd hand was almost $20 more than the new game!
    It's this type of thing that turns me off from ever coming back to GAME. It just screams lack of care on their part (and this is not the only store I've seen it at).

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