Report: How Nintendo Might Block Used Dragon Quest X Sales

According to a Japanese game retailer, DQX's packaging contains a registration code, which made the retailer speculate that it would be impossible to resale the game. This isn't confirmation, so stay tuned. [Game Shop 1983]


    "What you could be eating for dinner might be killing you. Tune in at 11PM to find out what this mysterious killer is." That's what this page made me think :/

    The code could be the answers to the universe.
    or it could simply be a code to win fabulous prizes to the value of $1 million dollars.

    In any case it is speculation, think of Dragnet "stick to the facts mam"

    They've been saying and showing it's an MMO. All MMO's come with the registration code for your account, this isn't a big deal.

    Like... yeah. It is an MMO. Now if it were an offline game, I'd be surprised by this, but this is pretty standard stuff.

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