Report Suggests Assassin's Creed's PC Won't Release On Consoles' Launch Date

There have been three editions of Assassin's Creed for PC. Not a one of them released at the same time as the console versions' launch. The closest Ubisoft came was with Revelations, which landed on PC two weeks after it did for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Though Ubisoft told Eurogamer that the PC release date for Assassin's Creed III is still "to be announced," word had it all versions would hit shelves or virtual stores the same day, October 30. Eurogamer on Thursday reported that it will be delayed nearly a month — to November 23 in Europe (which would mean November 20 in the US). Eurogamer cited a "publishing source" and provided a promotional image showing the disparity in release dates.

Joystiq took the bullet and asked Ubisoft what was up in order to receive the obligatory "We do not comment on rumour or speculation," which is sort of a weird reply to this particular matter.

Assassin's Creed 3 PC Delayed [Eurogamer]


    “We do not comment on rumour or speculation,”

    Ah, the classic statement by all game companies on something they know is true...

    November 23 in europe, and november 20 in us (presumably).

    What would australia fall under? Or would we have our own release date? haha any news on us?

      If it fell under one of those, it would be the Europe one. But the 23rd is a Friday and our games usually release on a who

      Not shocked we get a delay on PC though, Ubisoft seems to always have troubles with their PC ports.

    Australia usually falls not under the Europe release date but the American one and before you idiots bitch about me being wrong think again i live in Australia and rarely do we get a game that releases after or on the euro date.

      Y'know, I generally like to keep things polite here, but...I believe you are the idiot, good sir/ma'am. You'll find that most of the people who visit the Australian Kotaku site are, funnily enough, Australian, meaning that you being Australian is not something uniquely special. You'll also find that your living in Australia doesn't somehow make you right, believe it or not.

      On top of that, had you done ANY research whatsoever, you would find that retail releases of games (both PC and console) predominately release in Australia closer to the Europe release date than the US release date. Retailer information (and releases) supports this, publishers (and their websites) support this, advertisements for games support this, and game websites that list release dates for multiple territories support this. Every single one of these is better proof than "I live in Australia so I'm right".

      While I'm certainly not some mystical defender of the Kotaku AU community, it really is made up of some level-headed individuals who are happy to discuss particular topics, even if they don't necessarily agree. Choosing to insult anyone who might disagree with you before they even have the chance to is not a fantastic way to be a part of it.

        Yeah Zamoraz came in guns blazing praying for a fight with that comment. Australian release dates lately are increasingly erratic though. Sometimes we get it before US, sometimes same as Europe, others up to a week after. There hard and fast rules are going out the window.

    This is hardly surprising as all the Assains Creed games have had a lateer release on pc and all of Ubi-softs games in general and many major releases latley such as Max Payne 3 and Batman AC.

    It sucks as this by deseign as they think the pc version will be cracked and on torrent sites in hours,which it will be but so are Xbox 360 games, which dont even need to be cracked and somtimes are availiable for torrent before they are even released.

      Yeah, pirated copies of Portal 2 showed up for Xbox way before PC.

    Hope they include support for the 360 controller. AC2 was balls without it

    What a stupid move, they should release it BEFORE console release which would definitely boost sells for PC.

    I really don't mind if PC ports get pushed back. The amount of horrible PC ports i've played (Mostly looking at you, Alice: Madness Returns) due to publishers pushing for it to be released before it's ready.. Ugh. I'd rather have a playable game that's 3 months late than a game that you have to "put up with" while you play, but 3 months earlier.

      What makes you think it's being delayed to make it playable? It's likely being delayed either to push sales on consoles, or to fix the massive game breaking bugs... AC PC releases have never really been the smoothest launches.

    My favourite forum post regarding the situation.

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