Resident Evil 6 Makes Leon Kennedy More Vicious Than Ever

Just when you though Chris Redfield was the alpha male of Capcom's zombie action franchise, the new gameplay demo for Resident Evil 6 makes Leon Kennedy look like more of a badass than ever before. Head-stabbing, decapitations and zombie-luring grenades are just a few of the tricks that the floppy-haired agents has up his sleeve. We'll have more on Resident Evil 6 later this week.


    Looks alright. It's a bit sad that it's well and truly left the horror genre, but if more people can enjoy it this way, so be it.

    Oh god, more horrible partner dialogue. Learn something from the Uncharted series Capcom! That said the graphics are pretty good, and the style/gameplay looks rather fun.
    Leon needs a new haircut. It's not the 1990's anymore.

      Lol, Leon with a Bieber hairstyle.

        I think you mean Bieber has a Leon hairstyle.

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