Rich Man Shows Off Video Games At Train Station In China

A few days ago, an unidentified Chinese man was spotted sitting on a suitcase at Beijing West Railway Station. Unlike most people at Beijing West Station, commonly known as Beijing West, the young man wasn't interested in purchasing a train ticket or even waiting for a train, instead he was interested in one thing: hooking up to the LCD display bulletin board outside of the station.

Pulling out a gaming laptop, a wireless controller, mouse and an assortment of power and AV cables the man proceeded to play games at Beijing West. Some of the games that he went on to play while he was there included Diablo III, which has yet to be released in China, and an unidentified racing game that looks like Need for Speed.

After some digging, the Chinese media found a blog post regarding this incident on a Chinese message board. The original blog post was supposedly written by a young "rich" guy who had a bet with his girlfriend. His girlfriend bet him that he couldn't play Diablo III in front of a crowd of people at Beijing West.

While it looks like the man has succeeded in winning his bet, Chinese media is very sceptical of the whole affair believing that incident might just be a publicity stunt for a computer manufacturer. Lot's of Chinese netizens have also commented on the subject, saying how the man was too poorly dressed to be a rich person.

The biggest question about the whole affair should be how he was able to access the LCD display in the first place.

富二代炫富 北京西客站大液晶屏上玩暗黑3 [Tencent]


    If those pics are anything to go by, it doesnt look like he won the bet as it's not Diablo 3

    The coolest dude in China!

    China.. always fun times.. fun times indeed. :)

    Intel have bee doing a few outside the box advertising campaigns. By the looks of it, that's probably one of their laptops.

    Hey, lots of the young singers and actresses in hollywood dress like absolute shit on their day-to-day, so this guy could simply be joining in the trend.

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