Rift's Storm Legion Expansion Adds A Ridiculous Amount Of Sexy New Stuff

Trion Worlds takes its massively-multiplayer online role-playing game expansions seriously. Tripling the size of the game's landmass, adding 10 new levels and four new classes, guild and player-housing; if Storm Legion's massive influx of new content doesn't satisfy you, you probably shouldn't be playing Rift.

While I am not a big Rift player at the moment, I am extremely impressed by the scope of the game's first true expansion pack. Since release Trion Worlds has done a remarkable job of supplying new free content to players on a regular basis, but this, this might be the most ambitious expansion pack I've ever seen for an MMO.

As the Queen of Storms, Crucia, prepares to unleash the full force of her fury on Telara, Trion gives players two brand new continents to tame and defend, every inch packed with story-driven quests. As Crucia's Storm Legion pours through the Infinity Gate, both Guardians and Defiant alike will huddle in fear behind the gates of the island city of Tempest Bay. They'll join together to fight massive new creatures that tear at the very land itself. They'll bitch about other MMOs in general chat.

Each of Rift's four core professions gets a new soul, four new roles to play in the battle to achieve 10 new experience levels. They'll don decorative capes, decorate their own special dimensional spaces, and space out while building up their crafting skills to Grandmaster level.

If you're still with me, then you're probably excited enough to hit up the link to the official Storm Legion page for more information. Expect plenty more to be revealed leading up to the expansion's fall release.

Storm Legion [Rift]


    Not sure about the tripling of the landmass. Will believe it when I see it but still this sounds really good.

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