Rockstar Marketing Maven Exits The House Of Grand Theft Auto

Alex Moullé-Berteaux, the head of marketing at Rockstar Games, is out after five years at the company. While some may tie this to the perception that the well-reviewed Max Payne 3 has not proven to be the blockbuster of a Grand Theft Auto or a Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar says the split was amicable and not tied to sales.

"After five years with Rockstar Games, Alex Moullé-Berteaux has resigned in order to pursue his own personal projects," a spokesperson said. "Alex was a highly valued member of the Rockstar family, and we wish him all the best in future endeavours."

Rockstar continues to promote Max Payne 3 and expand it with downloadable content that's supposed to run through the fall. Next for them seems to be Grand Theft Auto V which will be promoted to gamers with a new Rockstar marketing man or woman at the helm.


    I wonder how much of an effect it will have on their advertising. I'm pretty sure they do everything in house. Hopefully, who ever takes over was well groomed by Moullé-Berteaux because (regardless of Mac Payne sales, since video game sales were down across the board) their strategy and approach to the content of their advertising has been amazing since Red Dead Redemption.

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