S**t Foreigners Say In Japan (And Things They Don't)

Kotaku once posted shit white people say to Asians, and today, we're posting shit foreigners say in Japan — and shit they never say.

These parody clips were done by Japan-based improv group "Pirates of Tokyo Bay"

Video: Sh*t Gaijin Never Say [Japan Probe]


    I liked the rapid-fire delivery and how it can apply to foreigners to various first world Asian countries.

    "How is this related to games!?"
    "Kotaku is from the word Japanese Otaku and it is a part of the Kotaku identity to post about wacky things as well as games."
    "Well I don't like it! Despite being able to ignore this post completely, the fact that these posts I dislike even EXIST on MY Kotaku are making me mad! I'm very angry! Kotaku should be the way I want it! Fire the writer!"

    Summation of any comments on anything non-game related posted on Kotaku within the last couple of months.

      Because it's a blog about games and they are more then able to create a blog about Japanese shit?

      "Irrelevant posts that add nothing to the site, nor are interesting. I like 'em!"

      The posts by a certain writer have the sophistication of a childs finger painting.

      Spot on.

    As a white guy, I feel insulted
    For the millions of Japanese people who have to put up with my race as visitors, I feel insulted for them.
    These videos are insulting for millions of reasons

    Not funny, I do have an asian fetish though.

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