Save The World 20 Seconds At A Time, Mostly By Kicking Things In The Crotch

If you’ve ever thought that point-and-click games are too slow-paced, McPixel just might be the game for you. Rather than put you into a lengthy series of linear puzzles like most point-and-click games, McPixel throws you into absurd situations and gives you 20 seconds to solve them… or they explode.

The game has a wonderful sense of momentum, pushing you from puzzle to puzzle whether you’ve succeeded or failed, and you’ll find that you quickly go through the various options in a given puzzle without ever feeling stuck or bored.

OK, so “save the world” is actually a bit lofty — there’s nothing so grand in most of these scenarios. But that’s perfectly fine — McPixel has got a wicked sense of humour and is both extremely dumb and surprisingly smart. You can pick up the whole game for 10 bucks at the McPixel Website. You’ll get the kicky soundtrack bundled in for free, and if you donate a video or fanart, you can save yourself a buck or two.

You can also play a free demo through the site to see if this game is for you.

Here’s another trailer with more gameplay:


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