I miss ex-Gizmodo Editor Nick Broughall, so I was happy when he did a Scribbletaku. I was also happy to see that you guys absolutely blitzed it, and got the answer in like 30 seconds!

Today's Scribbletaku comes from Jamie Watt, the only man in Australia with a broader accent than me. He is also an awesome member of the Kotaku community, and an awesome guy. Despite the above drawing, Jamie can actually draw real good!

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game, on a sticky note, and it’s your job to try and guess what it is! Come back every day at 12 for a new ScribbleTaku!




        Holy damn, I get the Steve Holt!? That game played a pivitol role in my formative gaming years. :P

          How amazing was that game? I'm still hoping for an HD port so I can buy and play it again.

          I never finished F2B though. Just didn't have the magic that FB had.

    Shadow Complex?


    Why aren't you using mine Mark!? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy!?

    Gonna go with Earthworm Jim on the basis of the guy with the gun only having 1 leg of sorts

    It looks liek this was drawn on a coaster. Like perhaps the picture on the coaster peeled away, and that's what you drew on.

    Also I guess Shadow Complex.

    Load Runner.

      That game must have horrible load times, that's why I prefer Lode Runner :)

    Another World

    are these drawn on the bank hotel coasters from last weekend?
    if so, awesome.

    also, prince of persia 2?

      They are indeed. I looked around for something post-it-note-like, and they were a perfect match!

        man, i nicked them from the bank maybe three years ago & they just sat on my desk since. and now they're internet famous thanks to you & Doc. good result.

    Fancy Pants

    I should send one in, I know games so damn obscure you guys will never, ever guess them :P

      I bet I can guess them :) long as its an obscure game starting with "the" and ending with "Dig"

          Which it is, every day. I'm amazed no one else has cottoned to the pattern yet.

    I never really left, Mark. I'm just more like a blue ghost Obi-wan Kenobi now, only showing up when you REALLY need me.

    Use the Force, Mark. Use the Force...

    Immediate thought was Another World, but it certainly looks to be Flashback.


      Yes, was about to say this myself- the slouched character is probably an orc.

    I Saw Her Standing There

    Looks like one of the stages. The cage is there too.

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