Man, it's getting to the stage where I'm drowning in ScribbleTaku entries, so this week will almost be exclusively guest posts. Some of them are from video game artists, which can present problems — those drawings are always way too good and, hence, way to easy to guess!

Today's comes from Lead FX Artist for DC Universe Online, Andrew Risch. It was lovingly collected by our very own Welbot, who has been on a bit of ScribbleTaku collecting mission.

Friday's entry was, of course, Flashback! Wednesday's — since we forgot to let you know — was Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise!

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game, on a sticky note, and it’s your job to try and guess what it is! Come back every day at 12 for a new ScribbleTaku!



      Nah but great game!

        It wasnt really that great a game. Dull graphics, repeated backgrounds similar to a flintstones episode and it was unwinnable.


    That's The Dig. No question about it.

    That was done in 30 seconds?? If so, wow. If not, make sure you hold 'em to the time limit Welbot, it's part of the fun!

    As for what it is, I'll say generic shmup #123. Or Sol Feace, as it's the only one I've ever finished.

      I can assure you they are done in 30 seconds.. well except for one guy I got some from. He took between 30seconds to 1 min for some reason, but still amazing to see what he came up with. All the rest have been max of 30 seconds. The guys I've been getting them from are pretty amazing artists, so I'm not surprised at all. You will no doubt see what I mean as more come through. (I've already sent Serrels a few, but plenty more on the way, including the likes of Tim Appleby and others which I shall keep a secret for now! - Don't want to spoil all the surprises!)

    I should add to that, that Andrew is also the founder of The site started out many many years ago as primarily a place to share models for quake 2, but grew to encompass games of all kinds that allowed modifications. Now it's a huge community for artists to share info and examples of their craft among other things. If you wanna know more about it, let me know :)




    lifeforce salamander

    I'm gonna say Armalyte on the C64.

    Nice drawing R13.

    I'm not sure letting the Polycount crew draw these is going to make for very good guessing games. I mean Spacemonkey's sketch is probably going to practically look like a screen grab. I think what we need is a layer of abstraction. I think the most interesting games so far have been the ones that you got the little kids to draw because in order to guess you had to filter your perspective through the eyes of a six year old.

    Maybe rather than drawing a replica of a game screen, drawings could be of a specific element from the game, and not necessarily an entirely obvious one, or perhaps even a cryptic clue, a simple example of which might be drawing an angel for Halo.

    Anyway, even if they're all done in 2 minutes, I'll look foward to seeing what else Welbot brings in. Maybe once that supply is exhausted we can have a look at trying to make things a little trickier.

      Good ideas, and your right about Angus' kids guessing. We saw pokemon and snorlax, what they saw was viva pinata.

      did this abstract in 1 min with PS. just swapped approx half the image from top to bottom and vice versa. Another way to up difficulty for the easy stuff.

      At the very least makes people have to rearrange it to view it better. With more time and patience could be 4 squares and treat like a memory square.

      well when I sent the mail out, I said it just needed to be a scribble based on their fav game. Showed examples of some past ones etc, so they got a pretty clear idea of what it's about. I guess they just want to push themselves to do the best they can in 30 seconds. Pretty typical of artists I guess. Specially ones who are used to speed modeling challenges and the likes. I'm with you though. Shall be interesting to see what Spacemonkey comes up with :) Hopefully if it's a super detailed image, it'll be a rather obscure game at least :)

        Next time only give them 8 seconds :P

      Also I should add it wasn't just polycounters I approached. It's basically anyone who's on my friend list from fb or the likes, that is currently employed in game dev. I'm really hoping a couple of the coders will pitch in and give it a go. So far I've received some really positive feedback from most of the people I put the invite out to. Might just have to be patient with some of them. Lord knows they've got more important things to do with their time than entertain us, so I'm not getting all up in their faces about it.
      A few of them I haven't spoken to in 8-10 years either, so I was quite pleased when they replied and said they remembered me and wanted to play along! At least there'll be the occasional surprise guest popping in every now and then :)

    First instinct was Zelda: Link to the Past (Sand Dungeon - Light world), but then I saw the plane and knew it was R-Type.

    There is a level in Starfox 64 or lylat wars that has a very similar look to that pic. hey? hey?

    I was reminded of that space shooter on Nokia phones from earlier 2000s... um, "Space Impact"? That amused me many a bus ride.

    It's Phalanx! For sure, with the little circle drone and centipede boss.


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