I've been getting you guys and girls pretty good recently! Mainly because I can't draw, but still! Congrats to the select few who guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku, which was Skate or Die! Today's, well, I reckon it's a no brainer...

Have at it!

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game, on a sticky note, and it’s your job to try and guess what it is! Come back every day at 12 for a new ScribbleTaku!


    Beaten to the dig : (

    That old PC driving game... Stunt Driver?

      you mean stunts?


        It was this blocky old game that I used to play at friends' places where you do loop-the-loops and stuff. Because I never owned it or even started it myself, I can't remember what it's called. I'll go looking to see what I'm actually referring to.

          Wikipedia says "Stunts (also known as 4D Sports Driving) ". So that one is my guess.

    That's The Dig. No question. Tom and kaws apparently agree.
    We have a consensus. The Dig.

    Moon patrol

      Thinking same.

      Oh Moon Patrol. You were so awesome. No idea on this one :p

    Mario Kart 64......... :D

    Race Drivin'

    WRC Rally (or World Rally) - Thinking it might be a more top down racer.

    First thought is also Micro Machines

    Rad Racer

    It's this! - and yes I owned one!

      Not sure if I owned one or played someone elses, but I definitely remember that.

    Stunt Race FX on the Snes

        Damnit; too slow!

        What was that 'track' that was just a big crash arena? Good times.

          Radio Control!

          Couldn't believe when I unlocked that, best addition ever. If only you could choose to go and race around with the big semi-trailer instead of being limited to the middle of the circuit bit.

      Dammit! Too slow!

      Recognised that HUD straight away. And then the Coupé :P

      Ah, good call. I had the right type of blocky 3D game, but the wrong platform.

      Though the pics needs moar

        Ooh, weird iPhone accidental double post!

      Ah, good call. I had the right type of blocky 3D game, but the wrong platform.

      Though the pic needs moar googly eyes!

    Dance Central.

    Whoo, my first victory! It's funny... if the other guy hadn't said Ski or Die first, I was totally going to say Ski or Die and leave it there... yay for getting here late!

    For today, I was going to say Mass Effect! Good old Mako.

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