Security Breach Turns DayZ’s Servers Into A Giant Botnet

Security Breach Turns DayZ’s Servers Into A Giant Botnet

In just one month, DayZ — the zombie-survival variant of Arma II — established itself as one of the most appealing mods of a PC game in recent history, if ever. That also makes it an appealing target to malefactors.

One such person managed to get aboard the DayZ server admin team and apparently turned its servers into a massive botnet or gave someone else permission to do the same. As such, any DayZ server which the game’s admins have been given remote access to may be compromised.

The admins have posted in the game’s official forum about the breach. They’re asking all server hosts who gave DayZ admins RDP access to scan for any suspicious processes. The person believed responsible has been identified and banned, and legal action is being pursued against him. Naturally, that forum thread has devolved to revenge threats, requiring the DayZ admins to demand that no one post his personal information in the thread.

One tipster sounded pretty fed up but unsurprised with the state of affairs. “We’ve told them again and again they need to be careful who they put on the staff, they need to take things carefully, and again and again they make a mess of things,” he told Kotaku.

“The language from the devteam is the same thing. We’ve ‘donated’ our servers. We should ‘trust them’ with root access,” he continued, the disgust evident in his tone. “Meanwhile, the server hosts are paying $US75 per month, bare minimum, to support the player base for this mod. And they want to commercialise it! We pay money so that they can make money, and in the meantime we get turned into a giant, powerful botnet that won’t ever see a dime of the mod’s commercial viability because they won’t do a thing we suggest.”

The forum thread is at the link below. A screenshot of the email declaring the breach can be viewed here. “Perhaps there’s some delicious irony in the fact that computers that have been compromised are called zombies,” said our tipster. Perhaps.

Security Notice – They trollinnnn [DayZ Mod]


  • So is it a bad idea to play DayZ at the moment?
    I was thinking about playing the game today too but if its a bad idea I will give it a miss.

  • ^ This needs some immediate clarification. I wouldnt think so, but Arma does do the whole update when joining a server and Id be concerned as to what files could be Downloaded.

  • Glad I stopped playing for now… 1.6 has no vehicles working so once you’re kitted out there’s nothing much to do, and 1.7 servers are broken for me. I just hang on receiving data, regardless of how long I wait.

    • That makes no sense so ignore it i’m drunk. Heres what I ment to write: No matter what it is theres always some douche who will screw it up for eveyone else.

      • The first statement made more sense to me then the correction. This is the internet, your brain automatically corrects spelling errors and shit haha.

        • That’s scary! I didn’t even realise that it was a mess until he pointed it out.
          My brain has an uncrapifier!

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