See Battlefield 3's New Expansion In Action

Battlefield 3's new expansion, Close Quarters, adds four new maps, 10 new weapons and a new game mode, conquest domination. Here's what it looks like when someone's playing it.


    Footage is from the PS3 version if anyone was wondering.

      No wonder it looks like a dogs breakfast.

    That's the PC versions which they have on show at E3. You can tell by the names of the players.

      Looks like console given how smoothly and dead horizontal he turns around at the 8 second mark

      Plus the PS3 square button being displayed next to "RELOAD"

        yeah the give away is right at the end (4:21), you can see the Playstation 'O' icon to switch the weapon (above the SPAS-12 icon).

          You can see PS3 control prompts come up all through the footage

    Close quarters fighting would have to be the worst part of battlefield, shotguns are so overpowered and it's way too easy to get kills.

      OVERPOWERED!?!? They are UNDERpowered as hell!

    Must be the the Australia PS3 version cos it looks about 30 bucks more than everything else any opinions on the new maps? Haven't had the chance to pay yet.. I also see origin kindly has you downloading the new map pack regardless of owning premium or not.. And how many free lives do you get in online PvP mode/levels?

      Its not just a map pack there patched some of the games mechanics (I.e fixed the M26 mass and improved supression etc) As for PC the maps aren't out for another week.

      Unless my brothers decide to buy the map packs for some reason I won't bother - the existing maps are good enough

    Damn crappy knife detection.

      Yeah its good to know the Knife is now useless on all gaming platforms

      No, that's just not how you use the knife. I think I would know, I have over 3000 knife kills or something by now.

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