See The Bluth Brothers Talking Shit Over A Call Of Duty Game

This is a trailer for Jason Bateman and Will Arnett's Cocked Hammers, a series of comedy shorts that'll be running as part of Call of Duty Elite.

I hope the actual episodes feature more comedy. Or at least more chicken dancing.


    The only part of that without cringe-inducing properties was the teabagging gag.

    Why would they need to blur the controllers?

      So you can't tell what console they're playing on.

        Interestingly enough it's easy to tell their playing on 360, they would need to blur the headsets as well. The battery pack on the 360 controller is prominent even with a blur.

      I wouldn't be surprised if it was to stop fanboys having a flame war. On another note I really can't say I enjoyed this at all. It's pretty much going to be a try hard version of PP and that's being generous.

    I love those two, but that was pretty poorly written and they were all really really obvious setups. It wasn't an actual lets play video, it's a shame they're trying to sell it as one, because Jason Batmon and Will Arnett are fucking hilarious and I know they can do better than this.

    Terribly written, bizarre (yet obvious) controller blurring, the guys themselves obviously aren't very comfortable doing this... A couple of actual AD shorts could have done wonders, instead this is really offputting

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