See The Wii U's Zombie Shooter In Action With 10 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Kirk walked away from E3 quite impressed with Ubisoft's Wii U shooter ZombiU, but since none of us got to see what the game really looked like, we had to take him at his bullet-pointed word.

For those of you who distrust saxophone players — and really, who can blame you — try watching this actual gameplay footage and see if it makes a difference.

I love how, when you use the Wii U screen, your character on-screen starts to do the same. Neat touch.

ZombiU: notre vidéo de gameplay [Jeux Online]


    looks terrible


      Each to their own. I like to tan.

      Personally, I like the way this is shaping up & though I'm not a fan of the "look at controller" prompt that flashes on the screen, I very much like the other things it's doing.

      And I'm loving the lock-picking/rumaging through the inventory/etc. utilising the gamepad, while youhave to keep glancing over your shoulder. It's much more immersive than pausing the game to magically heal yourself etc.

    This is definitely getting my attention. It looks a lot more solid than the gimmick-filled releases of the Wii's early days. Good on them for trying some new ideas while keeping them practical and fun....hopefully.

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