See This Blend Of Sports Skill And Dancing Rhythm? I'm Gonna Try That On Video

No, NBA Baller Beats, a Kinect rhythm game, is not a joke, but I'm sure as hell going to look like one attempting to play it when I swing by Majesco's booth later this week at E3. I can't do a crossover dribble. I can't even dribble with my left hand. Now, I can dribble in my left hand, but that's a different activity.

This encounter will be filmed and published later on. For that, I asked Nathan Barnatt — aka the infamous Keith Apicary, video game dancer — for tips on how to approach the task. "The best thing I can suggest is to somehow lose all self respect," he replied. Mission accomplished.

Judging by this video, I'd say the only people who should play it are good-looking twentysomethings with dancing talent who either live on the bottom floor or in a loft apartment with insulated floors. Because otherwise, you're going to drive your downstairs neighbours to murder.


    Wow, can't wait to see how many basketballs go through the brand new 55" TV you got to really get the most out of your 360 and Kinect bundle.

    Ummm - I have ball handling skills but I only have to mishandle once to see a Basketball go flying through my living room into my entertainment unit or wiping out everything on a sidetable etc... no thanks.

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