Sega, You Can't Show Hairy Balls In An Advertisement

Sega earned itself quite the reputation during the 1990s for its bold advertising, especially in the European market. Sometimes, though, the company went a little too far.

Like these British ads from 1992. Which had dick jokes, masturbation jokes, pissing, enormous breasts and, well, pictures of a guy either rubbing his junk on the back of a Game Gear or...look, let's just move on.

For readers outside the UK, know that these appeared in Viz, a publication that can best be described as Mad Magazine for horny, clinically unfunny teenagers.

Which explains the angle. I guess. Actually, you know what, it doesn't. There's no angle in which hairy dude's balls sticking out of a pair of budgie smugglers, all in the name of a Game Gear + Sonic bundle, are OK.

SEGA'S BIZARRE EARLY 1990S VIZ ADVERTS [UK:R, thanks for the reminder, Blake! We miss you, Zorg]


    Wow, just wow.

    Kudos to SEGA for having the *ahem* balls to do this.

    lol "female players may have difficulty with the higher skill levels"

    "Pulling and Squeezing your knob..." "Now you're shooting all over the place"

    OMG what??!

    Haha good old Sega. Could teach modern day companies a thing or 2.

    I remember these ads! FYI, Viz is a very low brow adult comic. They usually create the ads themselves for sponsors.

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