Selling Drugs To Play Online Games

They met through online games, the five of them. From there they allegedly hatched a plan. A plan to make money. A plan to sell drugs.

Japanese police arrested a group of five male and female cohorts for selling drugs over the country's most popular online bulletin board 2ch.

Three of those arrested lived outside of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture, while the remaining two resided in Osaka.

Online in Japan, the group allegedly sold "ice cream" or "shaved ice" (Japanese drug lingo) and apparently offered customers samples for those who wanted to try before buying.

According to reports, the group used the procedes from their online stimulant sales to cover their daily expenses and support a habit of their own: playing online games.

Recently, 2ch has come underfire for drug dealers using the bulletin board as a way to sell illegal drugs online.

ネトゲ仲間、「2ちゃんねる」で覚醒剤販売 [Yomiuri]

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    I don't know the direction of causation, but a lot of dealers I've met over the years have been heavy WoW players. At least one couldn't have worked a regular job and play the amount he wanted to.

      There's not necessarily any causation, it's more likely just correlation, after all what do two products designed specifically to be as addictive as possible have in common? :P

        True that - but seriously, if you have a pokies or a WoW problem, theres not many options for raising money doing next to know work...

    aaahhhh, brings back memories of WoW and ice. still 24hr+ stints on a game does not do the mind any favours

    i reckon the whole mention of them paying for their games with the money is completely unnecessary to be honest.
    an mmo subscription costs what? 15 a month? clearly affordable on a regular wage and i doubt it would be a motive for selling drugs.. drug money would earn them far more than enough money to pay for an mmo subscription

      Yeah, But if you are spending most of your time playing an MMO how do you pay for food and rent and electricity? By dealing drugs for large $$ They are able to play and not worry about working too much (other than having people get the stuff from them) and thus spend all of their time ganking you, the law abiding four hour a week player in STV.


      Everyone has something they'd prefer to do if they had a generous cash inflow with little / no effort. If you're a heavy gamer you'd be more likely to vegetate on online games, if you gamble / bet you'd be more inclined to do that, if you buy all the latest tech or collect comic books etc.

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