Serve The Public Trust. Protect The Innocent. Smash Up Old Arcade Games.

Hey, RoboCop, you've got mechanical arms and a gun in your leg. Why'd you have to go and smash a perfectly good arcade game? And it was pretty good. If you couldn't make it out beneath all the broken glass and criminal hair, it's Sly Spy, Data East's 1989 side-scroller that took more than a few liberties with action movie and James Bond likenesses.

Middling action game it my have been, it also featured some amazing pixel art, like a shoot-out in the Lincoln Memorial and an outro that looks like it fell straight out of the latest series of Archer.

You can read more about Sly Spy below.



    This is so 1980s.

    Figured there might have been reference to a port or remake of Data East's Robocop 1 and 2 titles in here somewhere, far better than any of the other PC and console Robocop games. Alas, its just old news.

    Hate you Luke.

      What's wrong with Robocop? Do you hate Robocop?

    It's actually toffee, not glass.

    You're seriously complaining about something in a movie from about 25 years ago?
    Why the fuck are you still even here Luke? hell why the fuck am I here?
    Surely somewhere between the useless imbecile that is Luke Plunkett, the editors/mods in Kotaku US, the AU localisation team, Au mods/editors...someone has realised by know that these articles are pointless and ruining (lol as if there's even anything there left to ruin anymore) the reputation of the site.
    Please for fuck's sake tell me it's not just the readers that can see how pathetic these articles are getting....

      You’re seriously complaining, being a troll, or just an massive doosh??.... and no.. I don't think he seriously is complaining.
      I just think It's not too hard to skip an article, where a) the topic doesn't interest you or b) you don't like the writer. You know the writer b4 you click on it.. so don't click.
      I like this article and most of Luke's articles. It gets to the point and does its job. He does have some Sh*t ones, but so does every writer on here and other sites I visit.


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